Our Philosophy
50% preparation 50% painting for internal work. 70% preparation 30% painting for external work.


Setting up and prepping an interior for painting:

If possible, furniture or smaller items will be removed from the area. Furniture that remains in the area (heavy or awkward pieces etc.) will be covered with plastic, or with clean interior drop cloths to protect them from dust or paint. Floors are protected with painters quality drop cloth. Separate drop cloths are used for interior painting. 
Hardware such as door handles, electrical switch and outlet covers get removed or masked. Thermostats are protected with masking tape. Flaking paint is scraped and sanded. Holes and cracks are patched with interior grade spackle. Cracks in corners, skirtings and architraves are caulked with interior/exterior acrylic caulking if needed. All patched areas are sanded with fine grit sandpaper and spot-primed.